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Blog posts of '2013' 'January'

High Street Suffers but Jewellers Ark Independent traders race up the rankings

It's been another tough year for indpendent traders on the high street, but the Jewellers Ark co-operative has got off to a cracking launch and is racing past established online traders as traffic flocks to the site for our great prices and service. 

We've moved from the sixth to the fourth highest...

Beware Hot Diamonds discount codes and offers

Is your Hot Diamonds discount code or offer giving you the best bang for your buck?  

Hot Diamonds Silver Locket DP143Here at Jewellers Ark we currently have a January Hot Diamonds Sale. We also notice a plethora of customers searching for discounts and discount codes. Whilst we often use discount codes in promotions, it really p...

Facebook to launch Search Engine?

Jewellers Ark were quite perpelexed by a sudden increase in traffic coming directly to our site at 3.30am UK time. On further investigation it was found to be located in Palo Alto and coming from a Linux Operating System.  We then found a few forums with webmasters stating they had received visits f...