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New click to chat service.

Want to speak to a jeweller..

Just hit the click to chat icon when you see it and you'll be connected to one of our independent high street jewellers who's logged on and ready to help you. What is 'click to chat'? It's a service where once you've clicked the click to chat button you'll be connected via a text box to one of our Jewellers who will be able to help you with any questions you may have via text. As Jewellers we're not the fastest typist in the world so please bear with us, what we can promise you is you wont be directed to an overseas operator who doesn't know the first thing about Jewellery. You'll get the same care and attention as if you came into one of our network of Independent Jewellers.

We're especially proud to be able to offer this service as two of our major investors are deaf. Jan Dubberley,  from Ashby Jewellers, has been deaf in one ear since birth but it was only picked up when she was 8. She now has less than 30% hearing in one ear. Philip Cartledge is a wearer of two hearing aids since he started to lose his hearing 6 years ago. Both have adapted to serving customers in their shops and now they're very pleased to be able to serve deaf and hard of hearing customers online.

The click to chat icon is on the right hand side of the screen and moves down the page with the scroll bar. It's only visible when there  are jewellers logged on and available to take your call, so please bear with us at busy times. We're manning the service in the evenings and weekends too, it's not quite a 24/7 service but we're online at the times of day our customers are busiest on the site.