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New Hot Diamond Ranges

Hot Diamonds Hottest Collections  

Hot diamonds have released new ranges and they are hotter than before. Known for its mass celebrity appreciation and on trend styles, Hot Diamonds seems to still keep its ranges looking unique and personal, each collection having its own personal tale behind it, giving you a different range for all the occasions on life’s journey.

Forever Range tells the tale of love and invites you to celebrate the feelings of devotion and delight. With beautiful heart shaped rings interlocking, heart necklaces and marquise drop earrings, all with real diamonds. This range promotes lasting love, allowing you to make your own statement on love, celebrate personal milestones and live your tale of love through the Forever Collection.

Flourish Range helps you wrap up your wardrobe any way that you wish. With silver sheen bow design on rings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets you can wear this collection as a set and tie it any outfit. This range is effortlessly simple although effective.

Veleno Range brings a spot of colour to the Hot Diamonds Collection, using the design of elegant silver serpents, to lock into place different coloured stones. The range works on the theme of jealousy, as the Sterling Silver serpents protect the stone within the piece. Clever and unusual designs, such as serpent shanks on rings, will provoke jealousy.

New Zodiac Range, add to the sterling silver charm collection, adding to the personalization of your own charm bracelet. Each with real diamond is a charming addition compared other silver charm bracelets. The Zodiac range marks another fact on your life journey. 

Affine Range is a sophisticated collection, which promotes brilliant pave-set diamonds, within necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The range is for those special occasions or for that special gift. The attention to detail within this range is powerful, use the range to make a statement at any occasion you desire.

Discover the ranges for yourself and start telling your tale with them on Jewellers Ark.