Royal Selangor Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 017931


Royal Selangor Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 017931

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Royal Selangor Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 017931

Star Wars is an ever deepening, timeless mythological tale of good versus evil, set in a galaxy far, far away. Filled with noble Jedi Knights and fearsome creatures, the epic space fantasy introduced “the Force” into the global vocabulary. Today the Star Wars saga continues to grow and expand, captivating new generations with its exotic words, iconic themes and unforgettable stories.


An upgrade to the Alliance-era T-65, the T-70 X-Wing’s enhanced speed, armaments and manoeuvrability proves deadly not only in dogfights with TIE Fighters but also against considerably larger ships.

The 1/72 scale collectible reproduces the Resistance fighter’s details faithfully. The articulated S-foil wing assembly, with their unique split nacelles, can be positioned closed for normal flight mode or spread into their trademark ‘X’ attack configuration.

Material: Pewter
Height: 3cm (21cm including stand)
Width: 16cm
Length: 17.5cm

As an authorised stockist, this product comes certificate of authenticity, Star Wars Official Licensee packaging and the Jewellers Ark Money back guarantee.