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Top Tips to make Father’s Day Special

It’s not long until Father’s Day (June 17th 2018), which generally means that lots of us are rushing around at the last minute trying to choose that token gift for our Dad. Traditionally more time and money is spent on Mother’s Day, although that does seem to be increasing year on year ( Why is this? Is it because children think Mums need more spent on them and deserve a treat? Or is it because Dads always say “nothing” when you ask them what they would like for Father’s Day as they aren’t particularly gift orientated? Needless to say, the Dads out there deserve just as much pampering as Mums, so why not browse our five tips to make Father’s Day memorable for the special man in your life.

  1. Make Breakfast in Bed It’s not just Mums that like their breakfast in bed. Include his favourite magazine and leave him in peace and quiet to enjoy it!

  2. Focus on Him It’s a simple one but so effective! Dad’s need to feel appreciated too, and simply telling him how much his family need him is a gift in itself. If you are tech savvy, then make a short video from all of the kids and grandkids about each person’s favourite thing about him. This is something that he can watch over and over again to remind him that he is loved.

  3. Give Him the Day Off That means no chores, no rushing about and nothing to be fixed. Let him choose what he wants to do and just go with it! Even if that means doing a bit of fishing together or going to a car boot sale. If you want to save yourself from a day at the garden centre, get the younger family members to write a checklist of fun activities and ask him to choose!

  4. Spend Quality Time Together Spend some quality time with your Dad this year and take him out for a family dinner, or simply go for a walk. Take time out to just catch up, find out what’s new with each other and switch off your phones so there are no interruptions. You will be surprised how much your Dad will appreciate quality time with his loved ones.

  5. Choose the Perfect Gift So after you have given him the perfect day with the above tips, surprise him with a great gift too. Here are our top five tips for gifts this Father’s Day, that are available (among many others) from our website, and suit a wide range of budgets.
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We have given you all of the ideas, now all you have to do is give your Dad a Father’s Day to remember.

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